Did Apple Hijack WiFi Sync on iOS 5.0 From A Rejected App?

We are fresh off the back of WWDC 2011 where as expected Apple came out and told us all about their new iOS 5.0. Some people were left slightly surprised and disappointed that we didn’t see a new Apple iPhone but remember, Apple did tell us that before the event.

We have been analyzing some of the new features that you can expect to see from the new iOS for the iPhone which includes the bombshell for BBM users with iMessages coming and the notifications system has also had a much needed makeover. Since then we have heard various reports about the WiFi synchronization that will also be coming on the iOS 5.0 but it’s a little controversial, have heard that Apple hijacked the idea from a rejected app!

We read an article over on Engadget where Donald Melanson is talking about the issue. Let’s just have a look at the rejected app; it was created by Greg Hughes who in May 2010 submitted an app to Apple for the app store for approval. Although the app ended up being rejected but Apple’s engineers at the time were so impressed they contacted him about it.

Since then the app from Greg Hughes was added to the Cydia store for $10 per purchase and has had more than 50,000 downloads which has undoubtedly made him a tidy sum of money but imagine what it would have been if it was in the official Apple store! Well the plot thickened when he saw Apple announce the WiFi sync feature with an icon that reminded him of something… Check this out below.

There’s a report over on The Register where Greg Hughes told his story and Dan Goodin added an article talking about it. Goodin mentions about Apple’s obsession about protecting their products that sometimes goes to the extreme as they currently have a lawsuit against a teenage that was selling white iPhone 4 conversion kits.

What do you think? Did Apple swipe his idea and his icon for it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.