Blu-ray & DVD Sales Decrease In US: The Cause?

New Blu-ray and DVD releases are put on the shelves every week, but this could be starting to happen less and less after it was revealed that sales figures for disc based movies are in decline.

A study conducted by NPD Group shows that US DVD and Blu-ray sales so far in 2011 are down to the number of sales at the same point in 2010, Tech Radar has reported. There could be a few different factors which has caused the 9.4% sales slump which we will talk about, but is the age of the disc coming to a swift end?

The first possible cause is that the Hollywood film studios are simply not releasing enough good movies that would attract you and I to buy. Rubbish movies equals less sales, that one is simple. The quality of film released this year compared to last year is a matter of opinion so its not a solid reason for the sales decrease. The price of the movies are still very high. You can find yourself paying as much as £20 for a Blu-ray so a majority may find it more advantageous to rent.

According to Arts and Entertainment, the film business is on the brink of going digital. There has been a sharp rise in on demand video and digital movie purchase and rental. It could be the convenience and speed of digital film that is killing physical media, for example an HD movie can be streamed or downloaded for the same price of a disc, without you even having to leave the room.

The availability of digital video is another factor of its huge success as it is readily available. PS3 owners can instantly access services like LoveFilm, as well as the US having Netflix. A combination of the above are giving Blu-ray a hard time, and if this continues then we could soon see the extinction of the disc, or is that a good thing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.