BlackBerry PlayBook In 16 More Countries To Join Tablet War

Keen to up its position in the tablet market, BlackBerry has stretched out its PlayBook to 16 other countries outside North America. This big push is said to happen within the next month and should help Research in Motion infiltrate areas currently occupied by its main competitors.

Obviously Samsung with their Galaxy Tab and Apple with its iPad will be where the PlayBook hopes to tread, but the RIM device might need to up its game slightly to really be an effective contender.

The main issue that we can see is that the RIM tablet, and their handsets for that matter, have been focused mainly at the business end of the market. As Cnet comment enterprise customer come first in the BlackBerry’s eyes.

Its not that the slate is lacking in features though, with its 7-inch display powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor and RIM’s own OS. A pair of 1080p HD cameras gives quality playback and video-conference capabilities, while storage-wise there is the choice of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB options.

At the moment apps are limited, and all models are Wi-Fi only spec, although RIM have a pair of 4G versions in the making for later on this year. Pricing ranges from $499 for the 16GB up to $699 if you opt for the 64GB version.

As Mashable reports the countries being introduced to the PlayBook are as follows: UK, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Australia and Venezuela, along with Spain, Germany, the U.A.E, Singapore, Mexico, France, Italy, India, Indonesia and finally Colombia.

Can you see the BlackBerry PlayBook offering up a good challenge to the Galaxy Tab and iPad 2? We know that Apple is suffering issues with Verizon versions of their tablet, but could this really sway people in the direction of BlackBerry?