Sony NEX-C3 Camera: Specs, Price, Colour & Release

The decision to purchase a new camera is no doubt a difficult one, with so many to choose from on the current market. Price plays a significant part as well as what you’re using the device for and if there are any must-haves in terms of specs.

News has come through of a new Sony NEX-C3 camera which has taken over from last year’s NEX-3, which as well as including a great list of features, also includes what must be one of its selling points, a “interchangeable lens.” Before we give you an idea of price and release date, its only right to give you a brief overview of what you’re money will buy you.

According to, the new 3-inch displayed Sony will include the new changing lens, as well as an SLR-sized sensor rivalling that of Olympus and Panasonic format, 16.2MP APS-C image sensor which Sony have claimed is the smallest amongst any of its rivals, 720p HD video, 3D Sweep Panorama feature, new Photo Creativity interface allowing even the beginner to get to the grips with the camera. Quick and easy to use instructions will aid a users experience.

What we liked is the news of a new firmware update coming in just over a weeks time on June 20th, allowing brand new picture effects such as Pop Colour and Toy Camera, which will also be accessible on the NEX-5 and the NEX-3.

So how much will one of these set you back? In colours silver or black with an option of 16 or 18-55mm lenses, the price will vary from $600 (£370) or at the higher end $650 (£400) dependant on personal preference. Expect to get your hands on one of these sometime in August.

Although not available until then, Pocketlint were lucky enough to give the NEX-C3 a good going over. Overall first impressions were good with the camera feeling lighter with a more rounded feel, therefore giving better grip. When compared to its predecessor, the biggest change seen, was that of the buttons becoming smaller with the control wheel working on the same principle.

One feature that we wanted to turn our attention back to, is that of the new picture firmware on its way. Pocketlint wanted to point out that the new effects can be used in video mode. One nice touch for those trying to steer away from the usual blacks and silvers, will be happy to learn that the NEX-C3 will also be available in bright pink. On the whole, Pocketlint were pleased with the feel and workings of the new Sony, although they did point out that owners of the older NEX-3 model are not “missing out on anything.” Judge for yourself and let us know how you get on come August.

Give us your thoughts on Sony’s new camera? Tempted, have you got the older NEX-3 model?