Nicki Minaj Tape: Facebook Scam – Here’s How To Remove It

Recently we have been giving you all a helping hand in what is and isn’t a scam or contains malware on Facebook as some of it is really convincing. Recent reports include the world’s funniest condom commercial, the amazing effect – web camera and of course the apparent addition of the Dislike button to Facebook.

Now we have a different one to tell you about and much like some we have seen in the past it features the name of a very current celebrity. It’s the Nicki Minaj tape and yes it’s a Facebook scam. We learned of it through an article over on where their author has uploaded images of what the scam looks like. First of all it looks like this on a wall post.

When you click on the post or the image for it you are taken to another page that claims to be the Nicki Minaj Sex Tape with a revealing image that you can see on the facecrooks link. If you were to then click on the play button you are greeted with a survey. This is also a like-jacking scam as you will have just spammed all of your friends with the same message. You can see what the survey looks like below.

If you have now got this posted to your friends then you will need to go to the “X” and hit the “Remove Post and Unlike…” option. You can find further details about what to check and how to remove those unwanted liked pages on this link.

Have you seen this scam going around? Did it catch you out? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Rigo

    i saw it, but it only caught my friend