Microsoft Thinking About Windows 8 Branded Tablets

With Microsoft rapidly falling behind the leading pack of Google and Apple, they know that they need to launch a killer product to put themselves back in the elite. They could be doing this in the way of developing their own branded tablet that runs Windows 8.

Microsoft’s next gen OS was demoed recently, but did not receive the rapturous applause that they may have been expecting. PC World has reported that 3rd party developers were worried and frustrated about what they consider a lack of clear direction on how to develop applications for Windows 8. The successor to Windows 7 launches next year.

Microsoft believe they can make a success of their potential tablet, by using the same branding strategy that they did with their Xbox 360, Zune and Kin, Electric Pig has reported. If all goes ahead it is expected that the tab would be launching around late 2012, by which time a new iPad and Android tablet could be wowing the crowds. Reports are going round that a partnership with Texas Instruments and a number of Taiwanese hardware manufacturers are ongoing.

Going down the route that Google did with their Nexus is risky, but it could pay off. Taking on the iPad and Android tabs at their own game could be a fatal error due to their reputation and capabilities, but if Microsoft can get it right the rewards could be great. Would you buy Microsoft’s tab over the newest iPad? They have seen the specs and features of the rival tablets out on the market and so know what is expected. The question is can they pull this brave project off? Let us know what you think, will Microsoft ever oust Apple and Google?