Justin Bieber Blended In Hilarious YouTube Viral Video

We love the occasional lighted hearted viral video, and we have a great one to share with you here. Whether you love or hate Justin Bieber, we challenge you not to crack a smile whilst watching a figurine of him being blended to dust.

YouTube is the home of Blentec who lets say enjoy testing the durability of flash gadgets by putting them in a blender! We previously brought you a post which shows an iPad 2, being put to the test. Now it is the turn of a Justin Bieber figurine along with his CD and never say never movie, but will they blend?

You can watch the plastic smoothy being created by watching the video embedded below, courtesy of Mashable. It does not take much guessing to work out that Tom Dickson’s razor sharp blender tore the Bieber merchandise to pieces. Will there ever be a gadget that does not blend?

Judging by the comments left by the YouTube community, they enjoyed watching the plastic Justin Bieber getting ground to dust. The video is very much a viral one, amassing over 90,000 hits already, despite only being uploaded yesterday. Leave us your thoughts on the video and the next gadget you would like to see get tested in the blender.