Facebook Revels In Two New Sony Ericsson Phones

Online social networking site Facebook for many, is mainly used for communication purposes be it adding friends to your expanding list of contacts, updating your daily status, uploading and sharing photos and so on. But today Sony Ericsson has used the site as a way of marketing their latest two phones.

As electricpig.co.uk reported, the two new Walkman phones have been showcased on the popular site which in itself will appeal to a massive consumer audience, click here for more details. Many brands these days seem to be taking on the frenzy of social media, in an effort to promote their products and at the same time increase their sales revenue.

In terms of what the two new phones are offering we will start off with the first, named the Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman. This will include a 3-inch display, 100MB of internal memory, support for up to 32GB, micro USB support, USB 2.0, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3.2MP camera, Karaoke function, features such as Zappin which allows you the user, to decide whether you want to play the next track on your list. Zappin gives you a taster of the chorus therefore giving you the option to give it a thumbs up or down.

We have to point out that at the present time, the new Sony Mix is not available until Q3 of this year, with no indication as to its price.

Secondly moving onto the next device, that of the new Sony Ericsson Txt Pro. Again including a 3-inch display, the Txt Pro will arrive with many of the same features as the Mix Walkman, but will include slide-out Qwerty keyboard, friends app allowing you to as Reuters stated, add up to five of your friends plus look at updates from Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Have you already clicked on Sony Ericsson’s Facebook page? What are your thoughts on the two new phones? Interested?