Cancer Teenager Alice Pyne’s Bucket List Makes Twitter Trends

Every now and then at OSM we hear a really inspiring story, such as the Korea’s Got Talent singer who has become a YouTube smash. Today we have a moving story for you about a girl with terminal cancer, Alice Pyne, who has shot to fame with her ‘bucket list’ and made Twitter’s trending topics.

Alice Pyne, of Ulverston, Cumbria, U.K, is only 15 and is dying from Hodgkins Lymphoma. However Alice is determined to use the time that she has left to fulfil her goals and has created a ‘bucket list’ of things she wishes and hopes to do, which she blogs about. You can find Alice’s blog here and see her list which includes meeting Take That, enjoying a cinema party with friends, eating chocolate at Cadbury’s World and swimming with sharks among many other things. Sadly the teenager knows she will be unable to achieve all her goals as she is now unable to leave the country but she says, “they’re on there because they were on my “to do” list at some point. So, I thought it would be fun to have my list online and to tick things off and do a little update on everything I do,” according to Fred Attewill over on Metro.

Although the desire to become a Twitter trending topic doesn’t seem to appear on Alice’s bucket list, apparently this was one of her wishes and by last night her fame saw that she achieved just that. Thousands of Twitter users tweeted #alicebucketlist in support of Alice and she got close to the top of the Twitter trending topics list. Since her diagnosis 4 years ago Alice has striven to appeal for bone marrow donors for the Anthony Nolan register and has so far been involved in over 1,100 people signing up, a feat which prime minister David Cameron praised yesterday in the House of Commons. Her efforts have also been praised by the Anthony Nolan charity with a spokeswoman saying, “We’re incredibly grateful to Alice for thinking of Anthony Nolan’s cause as part of her bucket list.”

Alice’s bucket list fame has spread worldwide as reported by The Baltimore Sun, which tells more about her Twitter fame and the good wishes that are flooding in for her. The report tells how Alice stayed up all night reading all the messages on her blog and said, “they have made me smile so much so that is a good thing.” However Alice says the best bit about all the attention is getting more people to join bone marrow donation schemes.

This is certainly a moving story which shows the strength of the human spirit and also how people around the world can be joined together by one person’s plight. We’d like to join those people by sending our own best wishes to Alice and we’d like to know your thoughts about her bucket list and how she has achieved fame through it. Let us have your comments please.