The First Ever YouTube Video Is Back: Me At The Zoo

When it comes to YouTube videos that are either viral or popular for another reason we have brought you plenty. Some of the recent entries include the Korea’s Got Talent orphan singer, the latest Epic Meal Time feast and of course the funny shampoo prank that had us all rolling on the floor holding our sides.

Now we have heard about something else that you could consider as a viral video as it has managed to get a number of hits recently, but here’s where it’s different… It’s the first ever YouTube video to be uploaded and its back! It’s called Me At The Zoo.

The video was shot by Yakov Palitsky at the San Diego Zoo on Saturday April 23rd 2005 and uploaded at 8:27pm. The video has managed to receive over 5 million views since its upload date however the fact that people are watching it now meant that we just had to talk to you about it!

Since that day all those years ago we have seen changes throughout YouTube and it has become bigger than the guys thought it ever would. Now you can find most singers and performers with their own channels and we talked to you about how much data gets loaded to YouTube in this interesting article by OSM’s Matt Tran. As always you can view the video at the bottom of the article.

What do you think of the video? Do you think they knew what they were getting themselves into? Let us know in the comment section below.