Social Media Madness: Facebook Friends Tattoo Sleeve

At OSM we have reported on various acts of stupidity when it comes to the use of social networking mainly being Facebook. We have seen a bigamist who was caught out because of pictures that were posted, the guard who missed the Royal Wedding because of remarks he made about the bride to be and of course the teacher who was suspended because they were bad mouthing the students.

We have also seen some crazy things such as people naming their babies after Facebook functionality or getting a social network minded tattoo. In our eyes they all come under the same category of stupid. Perhaps T-Pain is partly to blame for this after he had “You Don’t Have To [LIKE BUTTON] ME” inked onto his body recently. Now the social media madness continues as someone now has a Facebook friends tattoo sleeve on their arm.

We learned of it through an article over on by Jackie Cohen who says that the woman’s arm is now loaded with photos of her 152 friends in a process that has taken two weeks. The process was also shown on YouTube and the clip you can see at the bottom of the article.

Our initial reaction was that she is completely bonkers and then our thoughts shifted slightly, what will she do if one of these people de-friends her and what happens when she gets more Facebook friends, will they be added?

What do you think of this crazy Facebook tattoo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.