Nintendo Wii U Price: How Much Will You Pay?

We have been keeping a close eye on what’s going on with E3 2011 with each of the big gaming manufacturers revealing some cool stuff. Microsoft showed us just how good the Kinect can be with some crazy new bits, PlayStation told us the proper name of their console the PS Vita and Nintendo blew us away with their new console and controller.

Nintendo were good enough to even tell us that it would be coming in 2012 but what they didn’t do was tell us anything to do with the money side of things. Probably because the models that they have working there are still development ones but they won’t be too different when it’s in production which leads us to ask the question around price… the Nintendo Wii U, how much will you pay for it?

When you cast your eye across the specs of just the new controller with the 6.2-inch touchscreen already you are potentially looking at a few hundred. Then when you think about what components and alterations they have made to the actually console unit then you can probably add even more. Potentially the price of this console could be anything up to about $600 but historically Nintendo has always tried to make the price lower to attract more custom.

When this comes to market there will probably be the booming first week of sales which is normal with just about every console but the real test will be a few months and if that’s affected when Microsoft and Sony decide it’s time to reveal their new creations and successors to their own static consoles.

What do you think of the Nintendo Wii U? Let us know how much money you would pay for the system in the comments section below.

  • Luigi

    I would pay $300 or $350 for the console

  • Kevin De Silva

    Hmm… It seems to be worth quite a lot however as a lot of under 13’s will be buying this, the price should be reasonably low-medium priced. Personally, I would pay around $250 – $300

  • Joe ruhland

    probably like 200-300 ‘cus i really want it now!!

  • abdurrehman qureshi

    i will pay rs.20000 for nintendo wii u