Google Chrome Version 12 Released To Consumers

Everybody uses a web browser of some sort in order to connect to the internet. Google Chrome is a very popular browser, and one of the advantages of using this browser over its competition is the constant stream of automatic updates that the browser receives. Now Google is releasing the twelfth version of it’s extremely popular Chrome browser for everybody to enjoy.

Stan Schroeder over on reports on the newest version of the Chrome browser, which includes new features such as malware detection and support for hardware accelerated 3D CSS which allows the user to rotate and scale videos. Google also provided a Chrome experiment that you can try using the Chrome browser to scale and rotate a Shaun the Sheep video in real time.

As we saw recently keeping your browser updated is very important, and Google excels in this, because everybody who uses the Chrome browser will be automatically updated in the next couple of days- you probably won’t even notice. For everybody else, you can download it here.

For many people Google Chrome is the best browser thanks to the constant stream of updates sent out to the browser. For others, myself included, Firefox’s customisability is key thanks to add-ons. Others use Internet Explorer or Safari simply because that is what is pre-loaded onto their machine. What do you think? Which browser do you choose to use? Let us know in the comments below.