Check-Into Foursquare To Win “Super 8” Tickets & Zero-G

Location-based site Foursquare which launched back in 2009, allows its users to check-in to different locations via their mobile smartphone software. On checking-in, users to the service will then gain badges and points. On receiving these, they can then be posted onto the persons social networking account such as Twitter and Facebook. To find out more head on over to wikipedia.

This time around, Foursquare has joined forces with 7-Eleven and as Mashable reported, those people behind the scenes of the next big film “Super 8.” The mission: to allow Foursquare users to check-in to American 7-Eleven location (every 88th check-in) in order to win tickets to see the film.

As well as this, people could be in with a chance to have a Zero-G experience which if you are unsure to what this is, we can tell you its the feeling of “weightlessness,” the feeling of floating, soaring or even flipping inside a kitted out Boeing 727. To enable you to do this, this will require a 88,888th check-in with a possible trip to space via “Space Adventures” Suborbital Spaceflight” program if this amount above is achieved.

To have a chance of checking-in and winning one of the special prizes, a registration form will have to be completed, to find out more click here, with a deadline date of June 30th.

Foursquare is growing in popularity and from April of this year, had a staggering 8 million registered users. Not bad going for a company that set up back in 2009.

Give us your thoughts on this new promotion? Will you be checking-in?