Xbox 360 Gears of War Limited Branded Console: Release & Price

We’ve been keeping readers informed with all the news from E3 2011 and recent posts include pricing for the PS Vita WiFi and 3G models and a look at Voice Control for Microsoft Kinect. The latest news we have for you is details for an Xbox 360 Gears of War Limited Edition and we can give you the release date and price.

Microsoft has announced this limited edition of the Xbox 360 branded console, which looks pretty cool as the color is bright red and includes graphics from Gears of War. It comes with a 320GB hard drive, matching Gears of War 3 wireless controller (x2), special sound effects, headset and of course a copy of the game itself, with some DLC extras, according to David Hinkle over on Joystiq.

The console bundle pack will be released on September 20 priced at $399.99. If you don’t want the console but like the look of the Gears of War 3 control pad, that will be available separately and features the new transforming d-pad, priced at $59.99 from August 11. Tech Radar UK also reports on this console bundle and gives the UK equivalents of the US pricing as £243 and £35 although the same pricing is not yet confirmed for the UK.

What are your thoughts on this limited edition branded Xbox 360 console? Will you be purchasing the Gears of War Xbox? Let us know with your comments.