ViewSonic ViewBook 730: Affordable Price, Nook Color Uneasy

As well as smartphones and tablets becoming increasingly popular, so are the use of e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle and Nook Color from Barnes & Noble. Today news has come through of a new competitor from company ViewSonic and its 7-inch ViewBook 730.

Just the other week, we gave you news that in fact in terms of battery use, the updated Nook Color was scoring much higher than the Kindle. Since its release, we know that the Kindle has been a popular choice amongst many of our readers but we asked whether this news would sway many of you into getting a Nook. So what do we know about the ViewBook 730?

Running on Android’s 2.2 OS, Engadget have reported that the 7-incher will include fast ARM 1Ghz Cortex A8 processor compared to the Nook Color’s 800Mhz, 8GB of internal storage and expansion to 32GB with SD card slot, front VGA camera for video chat, benefit of 1080p video recording, HDMI port, WiFi, Bluetooth, RiteTouch technology along with stylus allowing you to write on your tab, pre-installed Sketcher app, Twitter and YouTube.

If we turn our attention to the Nook Color’s battery life, in an experiment carried out by Engadget, the Nook Color and Kindle were positioned side by side and used for the same amount of time. The results concluded that the Nook lasted longer with some 150 hours of use if turning a page every minute, the ViewBook lasts a maximum of 8 hours of battery life per charge.

The new ViewSonic ViewBook 730 will be available at the end of June with an approximate cost of $249.99 (£152), this could very well change, but the price is hoped to appeal to many.

Are you an e-reader fan and if so what device have you got? Would you be tempted by the ViewBook 730?