Turtle Beach’s XP500 Cans: Wireless Xbox 360 Gaming

In recent times we have reported on various different types of headphones and headsets. Some of the models that we have looked at include Sony’s new official PlayStation 3 set, the red Beats by Dre and the Pioneer HDJ-500T-K multi-function headset.

Today we have another set to talk to you about and they are made by a popular brand of gaming headphones, Turtle Beach. They have made the new XP500 cans that allow wireless Xbox 360 gaming which is good news for your neighbors!

We learned of the headset through an article over on Engadget by Joe Pollicino who says that they arrived at E3 2011. These cans look like they were designed for the Xbox 360 as when you look at the sides of them, you can see a nice green trim matching that of the Microsoft console.

The price is shown as $269.95 over on their official site where they also have the full specifications as well as some sample sounds that demonstrates the Sonic Lens Customization. How do you think they compare to the Mad Catz ones we saw previously?

Will you be picking up a set of these headphones? Let us know in the comments section below.