Sony Reveals It Is The Top Netflix Streamer At E3 2011

Plenty of new detail has come out of Sony’s keynote at E3 2011 earlier, in particular the unveiling of their “Playstation Vita” NGP which OSM’s Tim Ollason has reported on for you. Sony also revealed another interesting fact, that they are the leading Netflix streamer.

After the hideous bad publicity they received from the PSN Outage last month, it was all about trying to talk about the positives. Sony’s CEO Jack Tretton took to the stage to talk about Netflix and how Sony were responsible for 30% of video watched on the service, Engadget has reported. We also saw release and pricing details on the Resistance 3 bundle earlier.

The PS3 is very much a movie hub as well as gaming and this will please Sony, as Netflix fetches the most internet traffic of all online streaming services, providing 29.7% of peak downstream traffic, according to Examiner. Sony can take pride from the that fact that its users can watch HD movies without an additional subscription, a feat that its rivals do not offer.

Engadget has also reported that Sony is forming a partnership with CinemaNow, a Best-Buy owned on demand movie service. What kind of subscription will be involved remains to be seen, but it will hopefully provide some healthy competition for Netflix. Keep a look out for all the latest news from E3, and feel free to let your thoughts known in the comments.