Sony PS Vita Takes On Nintendo’s 3DS: Your Choice?

As we now see Sony’s PlayStation Vita made official, it’s main rival the Nintendo 3DS looks likely to suffer a major sales hit. Although loyal followers of the 3DS were no doubt happy to welcome the new console, it’s introduction on to the market was far from smooth.

Complaints from initial purchasers spoke about headaches and nausea caused by the Nintendo’s 3D capabilities. Now with Sony due to be releasing its next gen portable PlayStation device this can only knock the 3DS further.

As Cnet reported the Vita will be priced exactly the same as the Nintendo console, so for those that haven’t picked which side of the fence to stand, we thought we would give you some comparisons between the pair to help you choose the right one for you.

Like we said pricing is identical with both touching the $250 mark, obviously for this money you only get Sony’s Wi-Fi model, with the addition of 3G costing an extra $50. Moving on to processing power, the 3DS uses Nintendo ARM while 4-core ARM Cortex-A9 supplies the Vita.

Next up is the all important screen size, which for a portable device needs to be big enough to use, but not too big that it ceases to be easily portable. As we are all aware the Nintendo carries dual screens, the top measuring 3.53-inches, while down below a 3.02-inch resistive touch screen takes charge. For the PS Vita however a single OLED capacitive touch screen stretched to 5-inches commands the attention.

Control button-wise Engadget comment that the 3DS packs Nintendo familiar A,B,X,Y, with L & R shoulder buttons and d-pad, along with standard select, start and home function controls. The PlayStation again uses Sony standard Triangle, Circle, Square, X, L & R shoulder buttons, with d-pad and dual-analog thumb sticks.

Both carry front and rear cameras, and have Wi-Fi connectivity for local play, although the Vita does have Bluetooth, GPS and for the extra coinage 3G. As yet we are unsure of the internal memory for the Vita, but the 3DS houses 2GB.

If you want to play old console games on your new device, the 3DS can use DS and DSi games whereas, Sony’s Vita has compatibility for some PSP games, although this is still yet to be confirmed. On the subject on game-play, both consoles manage good battery life with the Vita just beating the 3DS with up to 5 hours game time over Nintendo’s 4.

So there you have it, a brief rundown on comparisons between the portable gaming main players, with Nintendo’s 3DS already out there will it win favor over Sony’s PlayStation Vita before its shelf introduction?

  • michael_r_j96

    hmm…tough decision. i’ll go with vita, better graphics, same price