Nintendo Wii U Introduced At E3 2011: Release Date 2012

We have been speculating for the last little while that the Nintendo Wii successor is required because of the plummeting sales of the current device and the not quite so successful 3DS.

The 3DS does still have a bright future now that the things it should have had when it was released are coming. We have already reported that the new update is here which you can read about on this link. The name of the new Nintendo static console was in question however Nintendo has revealed it as the Nintendo Wii U as it was introduced at E3 2011 where they say it has a release date in 2012.

Not only did they tell us the name but they gave us fans an amazing demonstration of its capabilities where Nintendo has finally adopted HD graphical imaging and boy does it look good. They showed us a lot of video footage of the new controller being used in conjunction with your HD TV in different ways which we are sure will be available very soon.

This device looks like it’s certainly going to win the event for Nintendo as this is what innovation is all about. The Kinect capabilities amazed me from Microsoft yesterday; however this has completely blown me away.

What do you think of the name Nintendo Wii U? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Lewis Robins

    any more than £250 and it is no deal. graph is awesome, but games? only SSB4 announced (WOW) but that’s it.