Nintendo Wii U: Controller Specs Revealed At E3 2011

With the last few days being amazing with different manufacturers getting our focus it’s been hard to pin the rosette on the winning device of E3 2011. Before today we had seen the magic of the Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect that left me wanting to trade in my PS3 and of course the pocket handheld gaming power of the PS Vita from Sony last night.

Now it was the turn of Nintendo who unfortunately had been lagging behind the likes of Sony and Microsoft in terms of their consoles physical abilities but all is changing now. Some of the Nintendo Wii U controller specs were revealed in Nintendo’s segment of E3 2011 and my word does it look good.

While the device stinks of innovation it boasts a 6.2-inch touchscreen that allows continuous gaming if someone wants to watch TV. In other words, you basically take your game from your TV and pull it down to your controller leaving the TV free for your loved one or for your family members.

Not only that but it’s fully backward compatible meaning you can use all of the previous Nintendo gadgets such as the nun chuck and Wii balance board. The device also has an integrated microphone, gyroscope and an accelerometer as shown in the above image. We got all of this from the Nintendo event but someone who has summarized the specs is Thomas East of which you can read on this link while we wait for the official specs to come through of the console.

One thing that wasn’t really discussed at the Nintendo event was the physical console, we heard a lot about the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii U controller but we didn’t even really see the console itself. So we did a bit of digging and found this link on Reddit with a load of extra information about the console and also a picture of it that you can see below.

What do you think of the Nintendo Wii U controller? Do you like the name Nintendo Wii U? Let us know in the comments section below.