How Long Will UK Have To Wait For iTunes In The Cloud & iTunes Match?

With yesterdays jam packed day at WWDC 2011, we saw a host of excellent looking services unveiled by Apple. The iCloud may have just been the pick of the bunch as it came with 2 special features called “iTunes in the cloud” and “iTunes Match”. These new features are going straight to the US first, but there is no news on when us poor guys in the UK will get to use them.

In case you do not know, iTunes in the cloud pushes any past or current purchases to all of your devices, as well as storing your music library up in the sky. iTunes match is a very useful service as it takes advantage of Apple’s 18 million strong track base in iTunes. When you want to upload your CDs and ripped music to the iCloud, Match will recognise the tracks you are sending and use their own version to save a large amount of time. Any tracks that are not recognised or stored in Apple’s iTunes library will be uploaded separately.

These mouth watering features are now available in the US, with the iCloud coming over here in Autumn. Cnet UK approached Apple over a UK release, however there was no information on either of the services hitting England or the rest of the world at this time. In my opinion we face a long wait until iTunes in the cloud and iTunes Match become available, but what do you think, will it come at the same time as iOS 5?

Many people including Tech Radar has reported that the iCloud could end up “laundering pirated content” as its iTunes Match service could potentially be converting illegally downloaded tracks into shiny new legal tracks from Apple’s library. Again we want to hear from you on this so let your thoughts be known in the comments section.