E3 2011: New Sony 3D 24-inch TV Monitor, Tempted?

Today, yearly gaming event E3 has already got underway with various pieces of news from tech giants Sony. Whilst Tim here at OSM has brought you news about Sony’s NGP console being officially named “PS Vita” along with the price for WiFi and 3G models, we can now report about a 24-inch TV monitor including the latest up to date 3D technology.

The TV Monitor will not be available straight away with the earliest release time at the end of 2011, but to get you in the mood, we can report on what will come with the device as well as its price.

According to Pocketlint, the new 24-incher has been designed in mind for those who want a device for their bedroom. Good news for those who class themselves as avid gamers, the TV will be the perfect opportunity to play new 3D titles such as Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3. Engadget have stated that PS3 games specifically designed for this purpose will work on the new TV monitor.

As well as this, something of which we touched on yesterday with Nintendo’s new Wii 2 console controllers, Sony’s TV will allow users to play games with split screen action with as pocketlint explained, a full screen as oppose to just half of one.

Included in the price which we will get to in just one moment, will be a pair of 3D active shutter glasses, 6ft HDMI cable and a copy of the game already mentioned Resistance 3, for a price of $499. Sony have also pointed out that the new glasses can be purchased for $69.99 and will work on their different TV’s.

What are your thoughts on the new 3D 24-inch TV Monitor? Tempted? Let us know.