Social Networking Males & Fast Food: McDonalds on Top

Here at OSM we often give you news on infographics, with recent examples being one on social media site valuations and the tech bubble and another on Facebook profile photos. Today’s infographic is a look at fast food, and specifically concerns young men who use social networking.

Considering the demographic used it may be worth remembering the statistics will likely be higher than for other areas of the population, but the infographic is certainly interesting. It was compiled by Lab 42 from information given by males between the ages of 18 and 35 who use social networking and was brought to our attention from Charlie White over on Mashable. Those taking part in the survey had to have visited a fast food restaurant in the previous three months.

A huge figure of the 500 surveyed, 90%, had visited McDonalds in the previous 3 months and McDonalds also came out tops for customer loyalty with 34%, with Subway next on 18%, then Taco Bell on12%, followed by Burger King, Wendy’s, KFC and Chipotle in that order. You can see the infographic next or alternatively click here.

Respondents were also asked to describe their body shapes as either skinny, fit, heavy or overweight and maybe unsurprisingly, of the men that ate seven+ fast food meals per month, 21% (the most) were from the overweight section and the least were from the skinny section with only 3% saying they had 7 or more fast food meals per month. The infographic also looks at choices of food, how much hot sauce people use at Taco Bell, who has the best fries (top was McDonalds with 56%), and much more.

We’d like to know if any of these statistics surprised you? Are you in the demographic that was surveyed and if so, does your personal consumption of fast food match the typical respondent in the survey? Let us know with your comments.