Latest Apple Valuation of $317.6 Billion: Exceeds That of Wintel

It’s an enormous day for Apple today as WWDC 2011 kicks off. We’ve already given you an idea what we expect from Steve Jobs’ keynote speech and details of live streaming. Also earlier today we told how Steve Jobs’ biography is now available to pre-order on Amazon. Now in an action-packed few days for Apple we hear the latest valuation puts the company at $317.6 billion, which exceeds that of Wintel.

According to an article over on MacDailyNews, as of close of market trading on Friday, Microsoft was valued at $201.59 billion and Intel valued at $115.21 billion. Wintel is a term used to describe Microsoft and Intel combined and their totals come to $316.8 billion, so for possibly the first time ever, Apple is valued higher than Wintel.

This has come at a great time for Apple, already on a high with many expectations from WWDC 2011 to be fulfilled and we wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of trading today Apple has risen more significantly. We have to share with you an amusing endnote to the MacDailyNews story which adds that 13 years ago, one Bill Gates stated, “What I can’t figure out is why he [Steve Jobs] is even trying [to be the CEO of Apple]? He knows he can’t win.” Maybe it’s time for Gates to eat a little humble pie!

What are your thoughts on Apple’s value being placed higher than Wintel’s even though of course as Mashable points out, Apple has a long way to go to catch up with market sales of Windows PCs? Let us know with your comments.