Kiddies Moshi Monster Numbers Rise To 50 Million

Online social networking game “Moshi Monsters” has now reached a massive milestone in terms of user numbers. The site which has been compared to that of Facebook but for kids aged between 6 and 12 years, will be celebrating today despite having a roller-coaster ride since 2008.

The company which was set up in the UK by CEO and founder of Mind Candy “Michael Acton” nearly saw the company close its doors in 2008, but in a roundabout turn, can now celebrate with some 50 million active registered users. Interestingly, 15 million of the total figure are represented from youngsters within North America.

According to Mashable, as well as the game which allows youngsters to adopt virtual pets, travel around different lands around Monstro City, earn virtual currency called rox and so on, users will soon be able to consume video games, trading cards and so on. Along with this as Pocketlint reported, a movie and possible live tours may be seen in the future.

Moshi Monsters CEO said, “We’re thrilled to see Moshi Monsters experience such rapid growth across the globe. We’ve hit 50 million users and have even more ambitious plans ahead. Our vision is to build the largest entertainment brand in the world for this new digital generation of kids.”

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