China Hits Back At “Political Tool” Google After Hack Claims

We brought you the news a few days back that Google discovered a hacking attempt and the diagnosis indicated that the attack originated in Jinan, China. Immediately the Chinese Government jumped in to defend themselves, despite not being accused. They have now come out attacking Google for merely mentioning their name in the same sentence as hacking.

The Gmail phishing attack was attempting to take the personal details from the accounts of US government officials, as well as Chinese political activists and officials in several Asian countries. Mashable has reported that People‚Äôs Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China, has warned Google that they should not “become overly embroiled in an international political struggle”.

The newspaper claimed that doing so could “hurt its business”, branding the search engine a “political tool”. Google and China’s relationship was already on the rocks due to Google partly pulling out of the company due to censorship concerns. China also blocked Gmail in the country and tried to lay the blame with Google, as well as claiming a separate hacking attempt in early 2010.

The “H” word has been in the news a lot recently, with big companies falling victim to intrusions. Sony as you know were hit badly and had to take down their PSN for almost a month, and we reported to you today that Nintendo also suffered a break in but luckily nothing was taken. Do you believe that China tried to hack Google and are we all at risk from this growing threat of hacking? Let us know by leaving a comment.