Apple New Mac OS X Lion: Will You Be Upgrading?

Just a short time ago, we gave you updated news about the new Mac OS X Lion OS, courtesy of Apple‘s WWDC in San Francisco. As well as this, the giant tech company have announced the iOS 5 with deep Twitter integration, iCloud and so on.

In terms of what the new Mac OS X Lion will offer, users will now benefit from new Multi-touch gestures, Mission Control, Launchpad, Full Screen Apps, AirDrop, Improved Apple Mail, a feature that we really like which is Auto Save and Versioning allowing you to come away from your screen and pick back up from where you left off.

The only downside if there is one to the new Mac OS X Lion, is that it will be coming in July but is only available from Apple’s App Store for $29.99.

There will no doubt be a percentage of you who are disappointed by this news, particularly if you are a non Snow Leopard user.

Give us your thoughts on this? Are you happy with the news or is there an air of disappointment and why? Will you be upgrading next month?

  • Richard Meyer

    Apple users are unique. When Leopard was released there were discussions in online forums about where copies of Leopard were in shipment and some saying they saw it was on Fed X truck etc. My guess is a lot will be upgrading but the other issue that is not being talked about is that some apps are not going to run on Lion unless the developers upgrade them

  • Will Botha

    I want a new Macbook Air with Lion…where is it? Is it hiding under the banners that havent come down…it better be.