Apple iPad 3: Quad-Core Processing With A6 Chip A Possibility

Apple revolutionized the world of the tablet PC with the original iPad and since then we have seen the successor with the iPad 2. Unsurprisingly its successor is already being talked about which is the same with any of the Apple products these days.

Already we have been hearing about Project Kal-El from NVIDIA which is a quad-core processor and will no doubt be featuring in Android based tablets. We are sure that it and will spread much like Android Honeycomb did. Now we are hearing that Apple’s iPad 3 will probably have quad-core processing with the use of the A6 chip.

We learned of this through an article over on RedmondPie where author Goncalo Ribeiro is sharing thoughts on the matter. Ribeiro says that the speculation has started already mainly because the competitors are likely to introduce quad-core processing of their own and Apple won’t want to be left behind as they are normally on the front foot.

It’s not too unrealistic to think that the next generation of Apple iPad will contain a processing unit that would be the successor to the current iPad 2’s ARM Cortex A5 chip (which is tipped for future iPhones). If these rumors become true then it will make the tablet PC as powerful as many of the desktop computers of today but it will also push the price tags of the tablet PC up.

Do you think that the ARM Cortex A6 chip will feature in the future Apple iPad 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Robert Matthews

    One would think yes, Apple would have to based on what the competition will be providing later this year. But then again, the iPad 2 has half the RAM of their competition and low end cameras, so Apply may opt for dual core again for the iPad 3 thinking it’s enough to meet consumer demand and keep it at the same price point. A lot depends on how well the quad core tablets (Android) are received by the start of next year and possibly what direction Apple takes the iPad in.

    • Tim Ollason

      I think you are right but I am struggling to see Kal-El not being well received as everyone seems to always want the latest tech and gadgets out there. I guess we will just have to wait and see eh :)

  • Alexander Cardosa

    I can’t see how Apple will not go for this chip, then again it may modify it which could bring out some added power. As for quad core that part is in doubt since my own iPad 2 runs large programs lightning fast so keeping the dual core but lower the power consumption would be something apple would rather have. Apple is less about having such raw power and more about the consumer experience so GPU will be the big thing here. If the chip can delivering retina level pixel and smooth graphics then I can see them using this chip. .