YouTube Famester “Casey Heynes” Takes On Underdog

You may remember back in March that we reported on an Australian teenager by the name of Casey Heynes. The youngster had been tormented by bullies, he subsequently decided to hit back. Being seen in a viral video on YouTube, Heynes was shown picking up his bully and slamming him to the ground. This then became a YouTube sensation giving those affected hope!

Now according to, an anti-bullying campaign by the name of “Underdog” has been set up between Heynes and NRL boxing trainer for the Sydney Swans Christian Marchegiani. The campaign is due to commence in just three months time, some may argue that more needs to be done now, and will see the pair travelling to schools, businesses and so on to promote their cause.

Casey’s reaction, “ I’m sick and tired of people getting picked on. I’ve seen it my whole life and I want it to stop.”

In the past we have spoken about bullying be it on or offline. We have given you news not just about how YouTube and its videos are promoting different campaigns, but of how Facebook and Twitter are getting involved. Back in April we told you about a “Much Ado About Nothing” campaign using Facebook, which saw youngsters taking on the roles of characters in an effort to get the message out about cyberbullying.

Along with this US President Barack Obama has set up yet another anti-bullying message on Facebook by the name of “”

Tell us your thoughts on the new Heynes and Marchegiani anti-bullying programme? Is enough being done using social media?