Party Gatecrashed By 1600 After Public Facebook Invites

Facebook as we all know is a fantastic way to connect with people and organise events, just so long as you know who you are inviting. Unfortunately for a German teen, her invites were public, which caused around 1,600 unexpected guests to turn up to her Birthday party.

The host known as “Thessa” was arranging her sweet 16 in her home city of Hamburg, but made the mistake of not checking that they were sent privately. As a result over 15,000 strong of the Facebook community confirmed they were attending the party. According to DW, Thessa attempted to fix the mistake by cancelling the event but it was never going to stop the strangers in the mood for a party.

Over 1600 of the 15,000 attendees actually turned up to try and celebrate with the teen in her neighborhood. The street was crowded with guests who were looking to get “wasted” and eventually police being called to break up what had turned into a “festival”. A few arrests were made and some people we taken to hospital with alcohol poisoning.

Some of the guests forced to go home were left disappointed, hoping to join in with the celebrations that would have been. This story does underline the power of social networking sites like Facebook as masses of people can be summoned in an instant. I am sure Thessa’s Birthday did not go quite as planned but at least she can tell her friends that she had a record turnout.