Nintendo Hack: No Consequences But Raises Questions?

As a large percentage of you will know or were affected, Sony’s PlayStation Secure Network went down due to hackers accessing the servers and managing to get their hands on customers personal information. The service is still not completely resumed and last week we spoke about tech giants Microsoft suffering the same fate.

Today news has filtered through that one of Nintendo’s servers used for the US website had been hacked into, although thankfully no customer or company details had been accessed. According to, this is the first time that the company have suffered from such a global attack. If we revert back to Sony’s PSN outage for one moment, not only did users information get compromised, but gamers were left without a service and no idea of when it was going to come back on, along with what security measures had been put in place to stop future attacks.

Although Nintendo’s latest hack may be classed on a smaller scale, questions will of course be asked as to whether online services are a good idea and how secure they actually are? We have to say following on from Sony‘s latest attack, customers have indeed lost any trust with the company, and with the gaming conference E3 just around the corner, many are asking whether the outage will now have a detrimental effect on the NGP and PS4 consoles, and possibly the S1 and S2 tablets later on this year.

In a brief statement from Nintendo’s spokesman Ken Toyoda he said, “We are always working to make sure our systems are secure.”

Will this news now deter customers away from Nintendo’s new e-Shop service, in which gamers can now buy and download gaming content?

Let us know your thoughts on this, or whether you are still suffering from Sony’s PSN outage? Some gamers were still struggling at the end of last week trying to access the PlayStation Store where they were greeted with an error message. Do you think more should be done to combat hacking?