AT&T iPhone 4 / 3GS Clearout: iPhone 5 On Way?

Tomorrow will see the start of WWDC 2011 in which Apple will be making new announcements. The end of last week brought us news that Steve Jobs will be present at the conference, as well as news that iOS 5, iCloud and Mac OX Lion will be showcased. But it still leaves a big question as to whether the new iPhone 5 will be the topic of discussion, Apple have said not, but it has left people wondering whether the new software is just Apple’s way of trying to divert people off the scent as it were.

Yesterday we asked if the iPhone 5 introduction will be coming at a good time, we agree, with the iPhone 4 now being a year old and other smartphones with dual-core processors and so on coming out, now is the ideal opportunity. It seems that AT&T have also got their own ideas, according to, the iPhone 4 which for sometime now has been the company’s top selling product, has now been taken out of the spotlight at

This of course begs the question whether AT&T may know something, this we doubt, or are just preparing themselves for the WWDC and Apple’s announcement. If accessing the AT&T page, you will be met with a iPhone 3GS marketing promotion which is then carried through by an Infuse 4G promotion. The iPhone 4 can be seen on AT&’s smartphone list but its not being heavily marketed so why?

Coincidentally if we take a look at the iPhone 3GS, customers can pick one of these up for a mere $49, compared to the latest iPhone 4 which is retailing up to $299. Ok, so a big price difference but some are still prepared to purchase the older model and save those all important pennies.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that the iPhone 5 will be announced at the WWDC 2011, and if so what are you hoping to see? Is this AT&T’s way of just getting rid of older iPhone stock such as the 3GS or are they making way for the new iPhone?