Twitter Top 10 Trending Topics: May Chart – Football Dominates

When it comes to the world of Social Media we regularly report on the many different aspects of it. One of the popular ones with regular readers of OSM is the Twitter trending topics that we do each week. Something that we don’t often do though is collating them for the entire month and it’s something that we will start right now!

Over at Mashable their author Todd Wasserman has added an article that talks about some of the topics and the buzz that they had this month so without further a due let’s jump in at number 10 with The Vampire Diaries. Fans of the series gave constant Twitter traffic with a lot of it surrounding the season two finale where Damon Salvatore looked like he was going to die.

In at the 9th position in the monthly chart is Super Junior where many of their fans were tweeting about band members and some of the singles they released. In 8th spot in the chart is another popular band the Jonas Brothers. They celebrated “Jonas Brothers Day” and featured in two of the month’s weekly trending topic articles.

The topic in 7th position in the chart is NBA Playoffs as various matches took place during the month. The NBA Playoffs were a regular in the weekly charts at various levels. The 6th spot went to Mother’s Day which was back on Sunday May 8th in many countries around the world where many of us were tweeting fond memories of our beloved mothers.

In 5th position is someone you would have predicted would feature in the chart, the Queen of Social Media Lady GaGa, many people were talking about different songs and also about her album that managed to crash the Amazon servers when it was reduced. In 4th position narrowly missing out on the top 3 resides May21st/The Rapture where many people were expecting the world to end with a lot of them tweeting things that they would want to do before our demise.

We are now breaching the top 3 with Osama Bin Laden the Al Qaeda commander who was killed by a team of Navy SEALs in Pakistan on May 2nd and then President Obama addressed the world. Following his death there was a lot of malware circulating on Facebook and people talking about him and his death. The topic that has come closest to our month’s top spot is the prince of pop Justin Bieber; he featured for many weeks in the trending topic articles as the world’s obsession with the young man continues.

The month’s top spot goes to Soccer/Football which doesn’t come as a surprise as it has featured in the top 10 every week as far back as we can remember! May was a very important month in the world of Football as the teams that would be relegated from the Barclays Premier League were decided with #SurvivalSunday trending big time. Not only that but Manchester United were crowned Champions of the Premiership but lost out to Barcelona FC in the final of the Champions League where the world’s best player Lionel Messi surpassed expectations. The little Argentine guided Barcelona to triumph and then the club allowed Eric Abidal to lift the trophy after a speedy recovery from a tumor on his liver, what a nice touch.

That’s the monthly top 10 trending topics for May, is there anything that you would have expected to see that didn’t feature? Let us know in the comments section below.