Top 10 Twitter Trending Topics Of The Week: BGT Included

It’s that time of the week once more, the top 10 Twitter trending topics of the week with a surprise inclusion of Britain’s Got Talent. The chart as normal has come from Mashable’s Matt Silverman and remember if you missed last week’s chart then you can view it on this link. Similarly if you would like to see the top trending topics for the entire month of May then you can by clicking here.

We are jumping in at number 10 with Single Ladies which is a new TV show, a scripted series from VH1, it premiered on Monday night and the fact it’s being talked about to the point where it finds itself on our chart means it must have been ok. The topic that hit 9th position in the chart for the week is Marilyn Munroe as if she was still alive then she would have celebrated her 85th birthday on June 1st.

Flying into the chart into position 8 is Britain’s Got Talent as the UK show has been aired each night this week for the Semi Finals with tonight being the final and the young Scotsman Jai McDowell winning the whole show. In 7th spot we find Demi Lovato where her fans were using Twitter to give her their support.

The 6th position goes to the Spanish Protests which finds itself at the same point as it was two weeks ago when Matt Tran reported the trending topics. The topic that has managed to hit 5th in this week’s chart is Gil Scott-Heron who was an influential musician and poet who died aged 62 on May 27th.

Just outside the top 3 this week is Sean Kingston, unfortunately for the singer he ended up in an accident whilst riding a jetskii and was in a critical condition however we hear he has now stabilized. Now we get to number 3 in the chart with a regular in most weeks chart and it’s Justin Bieber as many of his fans were tweeting about him especially coming from Latin America.

The topic that narrowly missed out on the top spot this week is the NBA Finals between Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks and users were coming up with new nicknames for the players. This week’s number 1 doesn’t really come as a surprise, it’s a trending topic that has featured for several weeks on the trot and we have just had the Champions League Final between Manchester United and FC Barcelona. If we were to say that Lionel Messi shone in the game it would be an understatement, the Manchester United defense simply couldn’t contain the clever little guy who was amazing to watch.

Not only did we have the Champions League final but also Paul Scholes announced his retirement which was half expected as well as the controversial re-election of Sepp Blatter who was unopposed.

What did you think of this week’s top 10? Was there anything missing that you thought would be present? Let us know in the comments section below.