Sony Is The Victim Of Hacking… Again Just Before E3 2011

Sony isn’t having much luck in terms of their security at the moment, we are just leaving the PSN outage where normal service was finally being resumed and then we hear that Sony has been the victim of hacking again and this time it’s just before E3 2011, one of the biggest gaming events of the year!

When we say again we are talking about, the PSN outage that we have just experienced which was caused because Sony realized their server had been compromised where they also found planted files. As soon as Sony realized they had been attacked they simply switched off the servers leaving gamers in the dark about why they couldn’t feed their Call of Duty addictions.

Sony then came out and spilled the beans that their security system had been rumbled and then dropped the bombshell that data had been swiped from their servers. Onto today’s topic which we found an article about over on by their author Zach Epstein. He talks about how a small group of hackers who go by the name of LulzSec claimed on Thursday that they gained access to a Sony website and swiped a load of personal information that belongs to over 1 million Sony customers.

The group claims that the data was simply too large to download all of it so instead they took samples which has been verified with the users that the data is in fact accurate. Sony is said to be investigating the breach which is just the next example of Sony being on the receiving end. Another source reporting this information is Engadget with a report coming from Zachery Lutz where he has included the below image and also some interesting information about how Sony isn’t encrypting its data.

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