Social Media Awareness Campaign To Fight HIV / Aids

Some 30 years ago, the world was to hear of the HIV virus and Aids which if contracted would be life threatening. In time the news would highlight the spread of the deadly disease and how even to this present day, a cure is still yet to be found.

To emphasize this, a new social media campaign will begin using online social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. According to, the new campaign will start on Sunday and is hoped to educate people on the risks, prevention, how and where to get tested and so on.

In order to get the message across, organisation HARC will be using the sites listed above, with individuals from Washtenaw County (which has seen a huge percentage affected) sharing their personal stories, those who care for patients and people’s attitudes to the disease.

In a brief statement from President and CEO Jimena Loveluck of HARC she said, “We want to ensure people know where to get services, how to get tested and where to go to get tested. Because there are so many opinions now as far as living with HIV and living a long life.”

Statistics state that around 56,000 people just in America are infected with HIV each year. Head on over to to find out details about an event being held in Ypsilanti.

As social networking reaches out to so many people, could we see more impact in the fight against other diseases? Let us know.