Nintendo Wii 2/Project Cafe Rumor Summary Prior To E3

We have an interesting time ahead of us with both WWDC and E3 commencing simultaneously. Good news if you are attending E3 and want to keep up with what’s going on at WWDC as there’s an official app that’s hit the Apple app store with a news section on it.

We recently heard that one of the big console manufacturers Nintendo will have a working successor to the Nintendo Wii (Project Café) present so we thought we should report a rumor summary prior to E3 of what may be delivered by Nintendo.

One of the major rumors that we have heard about is the screen streaming controllers that OSM’s Maddy Rowe reported on towards the end of April. We have also heard that the joypad will have a rear facing camera which sounds a bit crazy!

There has also been a leaked video that saw what could be the new console earlier than Nintendo would have wanted. We have also reported the previous rumors of the device that includes a timeline of previously released Nintendo products that may offer some clues to the release date of the new console. Another site reporting the rumors about the new static console from Nintendo is Engadget with Brian Heater who has pulled in multiple well known gaming sources.

What are your expectations of the new Nintendo console and what do you think it will be called? Tell us in the comments section below.