Email From Facebook Security: It’s a Bogus Phishing Scam

We at OSM have embarked on a quest joining many others in a bid to raise awareness of Facebook wrong doings and help to completely eradicate Facebook malware, scams and virus. Some of the ones we have talked about recently include the Facebook Dislike button apparently being added, the “world funniest Condom” commercial and of course the Amazing effect web camera scam.

Now we have a new one to tell you about where those dirty scammers are imitating Facebook security and sending out an email. We learned of this through where their author has added an article talking about the threat.

The scammers on this occasion are trying to gain access to your Facebook account with a pretty convincing email although it is littered with spelling errors and grammatical problems that you wouldn’t see from an official Facebook notification. None the less this is still a threat, at the bottom of their email they have a link to an app that is looking to confirm your account details and a little message at the bottom that makes you think you will lose your Facebook account.

If you click on the link then you will be taken to an impressively close imitation Facebook page and when you have entered all of your details and clicked the continue button you get directed back to the same page with a warning. At this point people may start realizing that they have been scammed or they may think that it’s a genuine error and continue trying to input their data.

By this point if you did enter your data then the scammers have everything that they wanted in terms of identity and also access to your accounts. At this point we would advise you to firstly keep an eye on everything and change all of your passwords, scan your computer for any spyware and virus then follow this guide to make sure that there are no unwanted liked pages attached to your Facebook profile. The guys at Facecrooks have also added an article about the four things you should do if your Facebook account gets hacked so head over and have a read of that.

Have you seen this circulating? If you have then help to raise awareness of this scam by sharing articles like this with your Facebook friends and help raise the awareness. Let us know if you have seen this in the comments section below.