Android Gingerbread Update May Murder Your Motorola Droid X

With the smartphone market being a crowded one with lots of new devices being released, Google Android is doing its best to make sure that even older handsets have the best possible version of their OS.

One device that was is due to be getting the Android Gingerbread update is the Motorola Droid X but we are hearing reports that it may brick the device making it unusable. We learned of this through an article by Chris Chavez over on Phandroid where he speaks from experience about issues with the Android OS and because it is used by lots of manufacturers there may be unforeseen circumstances such as this.

Over at MobileCrunch their author Jordan Crook is reporting that this issue has happened for many people. People that wanted to be able to have Gingerbread are simply being left with a temperamental device that freezes and does nothing but give you grief.

If you check out some of the comments on the MobileCrunch article there are a lot of people that are saying they have been affected and there doesn’t seem to be any real trend in terms of the problems. To say that they are scattered would be an understatement as there are all kinds of different issues that people are reporting.

If you have done the update for your Motorola Droid X and are now noticing any problems please post them in the comments section below.

  • B NP

    Yeah I happened to me, my phone would freeze on the home screen every time I started it up. I’m on my second hard reset (found a way to do it NOT through the operating system online. I have it working now, and am installing apps one at a time to see if I can isolate which apps are causing the freezing problem?

    • Tim Ollason

      Hey B NP, If it continues to be a problem we have also been reading that Verizon is replacing the whole device ^^ – just as a heads up :)

  • Irving Arredondo

    yeah i updated and it bricked my phone. so i unbricked it using rds lite and loading an older sbf into it

  • Samuel Carstensen

    It just happened to my Droid X this morning. @Irving – how did you even have the functionality to unbrick it? Mine is completely unusable.