Sony PSN FULLY Resumes Today: Are You Up & Running?

Finally some good news for PS3 gamers, Sony’s PlayStation Store is finally going to be fully resumed today, well that’s if Sony’s announcement is anything to go by. Since April 20th when the service first went down, it caused a massive void between Sony and its gamers which is only now being filled. Many were so frustrated with having to wait for the PSN to resume, that they traded in their PS3 consoles for Microsoft’s Xbox. So what will this mean for gamers today?

According to Thomas Ricker at Engadget, Sony’s PSN and Qriocity services will be fully resumed today in Europe, America and Asia but disappointing news for South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong who will have to wait a little longer. These gamers will have to keep checking for announcements when the service is fully functional.

Along with this, there is mention that another update will be announced tomorrow June 3rd. In terms of the “welcome back” package that was spoken about some weeks ago from Sony’s main man Kaz Hirai, this is reported to be in the final stages of testing. Gamers may be pleased to learn that plenty of downloadable gaming content will be present, themes, avatars, videos and so on.

There will no doubt be plenty of you who are itching to have your service fully restored, but updated news is pointing to the network going down again! This will no doubt be due to the excessive amount of gamers trying to sign in who are met with error messages.

Tell us are you back on or are you too experiencing problems? Let us know.