HTC EVO 4G Gingerbread Confirmed June 6th: Fixes Included

You may remember about a week ago we reported on a sighting of HTC’s EVO 4G running Android 2.3. This caused a barrage of comments about the HTC crews plans, but speculation as to whether it was just a typo were finally confirmed and we all backed down safe in the knowledge that Gingerbread was on its way but just not yet.

Well as Engadget reported the obvious has happened and information has surfaced showing that the 2.3 update is due on June 6th. It has also been mentioned that for those keeping an eye on availability, may well be in for a surprise this coming Friday.

Gottabemobile state that along with the Gingerbread inclusion comes a few other updates, including, a fix for the problematic SMS bug as well as Gmail syncing tweaks. Another upgrade will come with battery issues solved after some users suffered charging failure after their device had run flat.

We knew that these changes were coming, and talk on the grapevine suggested a Q2 EVO 4G Gingerbread mix, seeing although June is the last month of this quarter, this latest news is likely to hold true.

June will be a busy month for the HTC EVO crowd with Gingerbread updates and the introduction of their new HTC EVO 3D. If your in the market for an HTC device this is the time to start looking, tell us what you will be looking forward to from HTC.