Memorex Universal Nintendo 3DS Case: Interchangeable Games

The Nintendo 3DS is a bit of kit that many people were looking to buy before it was released and has perhaps been slightly disappointing since its debut. Many people have complained of feeling sick and nauseous after playing on their new device and we have also seen some marks appearing on the screen.

Couple all of that with not the best sales and you have what’s formerly known as a failure. Many people have been saying that they are already bored of their 3DS but we want to tell you about a little device that might help spice things up a bit. It’s the Memorex 3DS case that has 3 game slots and allows you to interchange between them.

We learned about this funky device through an article over on Engadget by Joe Pollicino who says that even through the cosmetics has changed through the Nintendo DS lifecycle the tiny game cartridges haven’t really. They are still small and easy to lose but this problem has been addressed by Memorex who as part of their E3 lineup will show off their new $20 case.

The case plugs into the cartridge slot on ANY of the Nintendo DS models and it has a switch on the bottom that allows you to go between each game using routing. You can use this link to be directed to the full product details PDF file.

What do you think of the device? Do you think it’s worth $20? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.