Get WhatsApp Messenger For Free For Your iPhone

We have added a few different app reports in recent times, they are normally to do with Angry Birds, a new tool, sometimes a great looking new game like 9mm. We do bring you others but only when they are useful ones like this next one that isn’t new but has a great offer on for it.

The app is WhatsApp Messenger and for a limited time only its free on your iPhone. That’s right, the app normally priced at $0.99 which for what you are getting still isn’t much. If you haven’t heard of WhatsApp then the best way to describe it is a free cross platform communication tool with extras.

It’s a great time to at least try it out if you haven’t already got it and who knows it may end up being a keeper for you. We learned of the offer through RedmondPie’s Oliver Haslam who has added a report where he mentions about the only thing that would put people off and that is the fact that for the app to work you have to share your phone number.

The guys at WhatsApp don’t share this information though, they keep it to themselves for your security and once you are over the idea that sharing your number is bad you can enjoy free messaging, picture messaging, video messaging and audio note sharing. Personally I use the app most days to communicate with a friend who has moved to Hong Kong and I don’t pay any additional bill. If you want to give it a whirl and we would say go for it especially as its free then you can get it on this link to iTunes. Tell your friends about it being free and get them on the platform too, remember the more people you have on WhatsApp the more people you can chat with for free.

Have you downloaded WhatsApp messenger? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Tom – mooedia

    Currently O2 is down where I live and being able to use Whats App is great. I paid 59p for it but I think its great and more and more people are starting to get on it which can only mean more updates and improvements to the service.

    It works great at the moment and im very happy with it. A great service if you have no signal and wifi is available.

    Download it now!

    • Tim Ollason

      Good shout Tom! :)

  • Valeriam SaldivarCabello

    I want it free? is it free yet? please, tell me how to download it, for iphone! (: