Erik Lambert Hits The Crossbar 5 Times In A Row: YouTube Video

We at OSM love to report to you guys the best YouTube viral videos that there are, some of the recent reports include the Diabolo kid, the kitten being cuddled by its mom and of course Oprah Winfrey bowing out of her television show saying goodbye.

Now we have another one to talk to you about and anyone who enjoys Football/Soccer will enjoy this one. We have seen all sorts of videos of famous stars such as Ronaldinho firing volleys at the cross bar from outside the box but that video is a fake. Today’s video is of Erik Lambert and he hits the crossbar 5 times in a row in this YouTube video.

Not only does he hit it 5 times but he accomplishes this task in just 18 seconds. Within the information about the video there’s a note saying that the man starring in the video is aged 75 and the note suggests that it was filmed by his grandson. The video has received almost 210,000 views since it was uploaded on May 27th and it will undoubtedly get more.

Are you amazed at this old boy’s accuracy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.