Epic Meal Time – 84 Egg Sandwich Becomes A YouTube Hit

YouTube videos get uploaded every day and there are simply hundreds of clips that go viral, some of the ones we have reported on in recent weeks include Erik Lambert hitting the cross bar 5 times in a row, the Diabolo kid showing off some mean tricks and of course the new big one with a mom cat hugging her kitten.

Now we have another one to report to you today, it’s the Epic Meal Time 84 egg sandwich which has become a YouTube hit much like their previous videos. These guys have found a mix of making masses of food in a humorous way and then eating it. Sounds normal enough… Right?

If you are going to watch the video which as always is at the bottom of the article then we would like to warn you that it’s not for those of you with weak stomachs. The video starts off with the guys getting the ingredients for the “Egg Sandwich” at a drive through where they order three varieties of McMuffin 30 of each totaling to 90.

From here they start making their sandwich adding all sorts of things to it and then they go ahead and eat it. The narrator for it is pretty funny and the fact that it has had over 1 million views since it was uploaded on May 30th meant we just had to tell you all about it. If you actually enjoyed the video then you can follow the guys on their Facebook page which you will find on this link.

What did you think of the new Epic Meal Time video? Did it make you laugh? Let us know in the comments section below.