Sony Says PSN Store Back Up With Full Services Live This Week

We at OSM have been trying hard to keep you up to date with any details about the Sony PSN since it went down well over a month ago. Things started out when Sony’s server was compromised and they took the decision to simply turn them off to try and prevent any data being swiped but later confirmed that it was possible that it had been taken.

Sony then began rebuilding the infrastructure of their network and explained about the “Welcome Back package” where certain games would be available to download for free… Only some people are complaining about that as they already have the soon to be available titles! Now we are hearing that Sony is saying that the PSN store will be back up with full services being live by the end of this week.

Japan were holding out for even further security measures to be put in place and we aren’t sure that things are on track as Sony previously said that the store wouldn’t go live until everyone everywhere was ready for it unless they are planning for it to be up by the end of the week too. Now they are saying in the blog post that South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong won’t be coming online yet but we expect the services to be resumed at some point in June unless something crazy happens.

The Sony PlayStation blog post by Jeff Rubenstein who is their Social Media Manager says that the following functionality will be available by the end of this week, full functionality of Media Go, Music Unlimited and the PlayStation Store, In-game commerce and the ability to redeem vouchers and codes.

Are you pleased that the full Sony PlayStation services are finally returning? Let us know in the comments section below.

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