Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) Screen Problems: Users En Masse Report

Here at OSM we’ve been writing numerous articles on the smartphone that everybody is talking about, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (or S II). Virtually all of our stories have been hugely positive about this Android smartphone, which has yet to see its U.S release, but today we have heard that users en masse are now reporting Galaxy S2 screen problems.

Just some of our recent reports on this handset were a review roundup where it received rave reviews, a comparison with a new cutting-edge phone, the Pantech Vega Racer, a retailer roundup and news of sales breaking records in South Korea. We also published one article where we wondered if there had to be some faults with what appears to be a superphone, and yes there were some slight issues, but they were more like minor irritations and not enough to put people off purchasing the Galaxy S2. Today though we have heard of an issue that could indeed be a real problem.

The news comes to us from Richard Goodwin over on Know Your Mobile, sourced from the XDA Developers Forum, and relates to a defect on the Super AMOLED Plus display involving what appears to be a yellowish tint. The defect on the screen is only apparent under certain conditions, when it is set to a low brightness, and is more apparent on a grey or white background. Numerous users on the XDA Forum have now reported this problem with one, Erethnor, describing the issue by saying, “The left side (about 1/3) of my screen changes the colour of the image to a more yellowish tint. This seems to happen just when the brightness is quite low, and tends to disappear when close to 100%.”

As it seems to have taken a while for this apparent defect to show itself it could be that it’s something that develops over time or alternatively could be down to a faulty batch. Whether the issue is so bad that it will require a recall is yet to be seen but it would be a major blow to Samsung, especially as the phone hasn’t reached the U.S. market yet. Word of problems coming out before it’s even been released in the States could no doubt dent sales. However, another user describing the problem felt it was probably not serious enough to lead him/her to return the phone.

Over on Engadget, Joe Pollicino also reports on this display issue and a couple of photos can be seen showing what to expect, although to be honest it’s pretty hard to spot. There’s also a poll you can take part in to say whether you have the problem with your Galaxy S2 so check it out at the link for more. We’d like to hear from any of you Galaxy S2 owners who have noticed this problem, or maybe you can see it now but wouldn’t have spotted it otherwise? Maybe your screen has no issues at all? Let us know with your comments.

  • Anonymous

    This is not the only issue with this phone, there is a ‘pink spot’ hardware camera fault on multiple units in different countries which makes the camera useless in some situations. Although there was a rumor amongst users of a software fix in May, the most recent software does not solve the problem according to reports and there does not seem to have been any official word from Samsung about the problems.

    • Kevin Lated

      I think you should take it back from where you got it, and get a new one
      Must be an error in that production batch, my phone works perfectly fine and I have had it since day one.

      • Anonymous

        Afraid I did twice, same problem straight from the box. I don;t know whether its massively poor quality control or maybe one of the camera chips used is inferior or not properly supported (I think they get them from more than one source). There are lots of reports of this problem

        I got my money back and will either get another Galaxy S2 if and when Samsung officially recognises and deals with the issue or maybe an HTC Sensation if Samsung do not see to the issue soon.

        • Anonymous

          Its a software issue

  • Hitesh Mistry

    Mine seems perfectly fine! – UK handset from Mobile Phones Direct… love this phone!

    • Daniel Wilson

      hi maate im getting mine tomorrrow from same company

  • Hitesh Mistry

    Mine seems perfectly fine! – UK handset from Mobile Phones Direct… love this phone!

  • Anonymous

    IIIts seems most phones have the issue of the yellow left side if not all. We have yet to see a photo of one without the issue.

  • Fernando Renato E Silva

    I just receive mine from Vodafone two days ago and didn’t find at the moment any problem at all. Done some tests on quadrant and Smartbench still faster than the general Galaxy S2 around. So happy… :)

  • Rod Robertson

    Hasen’t the Pink spot problem been fixed by KE7?

  • Anonymous

    yes there is another problem on the Galaxy S2. It will not send international text messaging. This is not a one off but has happened on 3 (Yes thats right, THREE of the phones they have replaced for me!!!) It’s not user error nor am I stupid. I have tried the same sim in a different phone to the same overseas recipient, and it works fine. I’ve also tried sending messages to another overseas number and it still didnt want to play. I also tried a different sim in the phone but it still wouldnt send international text messages…… Samsung Head office in the UK didnt give a damn, told me there’s nothing they can do, now would you please go away!!!. Not the attitude I expect from a so called major electronics giant (allegedly anyway!!!!)
    They were rude, evasive and clearly did not give a damn,so ive sent it back and replaced it with an HTC sensation, which sadly isnt perfect either, as the text messaging on it is too small to read properly even set on its biggest font…..

  • Mitu Caragea

    I have a strange problem with my S2 and I did not find anything about this on the net: when I travel (so I switch from cell to cell) somehow the GSM network looses track of my phone. So, if anyone tries to call me… I am not available, like if my phone would be turned off. On the screen the signal strength is ok, if I try to make a call it works fine and it also registers again the phone in the network, so I am available again. This is really annoying! Does anybody have any idea?!

  • Mohamed Chatila

    The yellow tint is definitely there & it’s very irritating!

  • Sherwin

    I got Mine 3 days ago. It has no yellow tint but instead it has bluish tint when tilted. It is also darker than my old Galaxy S (i9000). Pictures are more detailed on my SGS. I have to have Samsung replace it

  • Trace71

    I’ve had mine for about a 2 months and this problem with yellow tint just started this week.  Very irritating.  I won’t return the phone but may stop by the TMobile store and see if they are hearing more about this and if there is any compensation involved.  I mean jeesh it is a $300+ phone people!