HTC EVO 3D June 24th Release? Picks Galaxy S2 To Post

One of the biggest mobile handsets to come out of this year, will no doubt be the HTC EVO 3D. Although we have had no word as to its official release date, retailers such as RadioShack, Best Buy and so on have all been preparing themselves with customers being able to pre-order the device. In the past we have compared the EVO to others such as the LG Optimus 3D, Sharp Aquos SH-12C and so on. We have spoken about the possibility of carriers T-Mobile and AT&T joining Sprint for the launch of the HTC as well as news that users can now tinker with their handset due to the bootlocker policy being abolished.

So what do we know today? According to, speculation of the EVO 3D’s release is pointing to a date of 24th June. This comes from a leak via Android Central, in which the handset is advertised as coming “week 4” of next month. Judging by previous EVO releases, they have always tended to be on a Friday which supposedly would tie in with today’s news. If for argument sake the HTC does enter the phone world on the date given above, then it may beat Samsung’s Galaxy S2 to the post, although we do know that again, pre-orders of this are being taken, check out some of the retailers here.

As we mentioned, retailer RadioShack have been keen to market the new HTC and rumor has stated that the device will be available from next week including prices, along with news of a free download of the Black Eyed Peas current song “Phenomenon” as well as a free preloaded copy of The Green Hornet which stars some big Hollywood names such as Cameron Diaz, Jay Chou and Seth Rogen.

Give us your thoughts on the new HTC EVO 3D? Have you pre-ordered yours before the onslaught of customers and which retailer did you go to? Why the EVO 3D over anything else?

  • Jordan Irwin

    Yes i pre ordered mine at best buy!!!