Facebook Safety: Meet The Team & Keep Your Family Safe Online

When it comes to Facebook we have been reporting various news including a few different cases of Facebook scams such as the apparent addition of the Dislike button, the Amazing Effect – Web Camera like-jacking scam and of course the apparent introduction of Facebook digits which doesn’t actually exist.

Now we have heard of a new video from the Facebook team based on meeting the team and keeping your family safe online. It’s quite an interesting video when one of the people on screen is talking about empowering the kids with the knowledge mainly because they have grown up around the technology and some adults aren’t really up to speed.

They also mention that whilst kids may not understand the reasons why they shouldn’t add someone to Facebook that they don’t know all that well it’s also important that adults follow the same ethos for their own safety.

They then go on to say about the measures they have in place to stop spam and unwanted bad things happening on Facebook which makes me wonder just how much of it slips through the safety net that Facebook has deployed. You only have to look at your own news feed at some of your friends who perhaps aren’t quite so clued up on the dangers of social networks and you will see spam on there. Interesting stuff that you can watch at the bottom of the article.

Towards the end there’s one particular part that stuck in my mind, it’s the bit where one of the guys says that the social issues and the interactions are the same ones that were faced before Facebook was around, it’s just a different environment. Facebook isn’t a bad place but it does require care to be part of the community.

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